Teacher Appreciation Week Door

Teacher Appreciation Week is around the corner and this is what I put together from my son’s 5th grade class. Their week started a little early since the grade it going away on a sleep away trip during our traditional teacher’s appreciation week.
This year I decided I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of time creating something that would end up in the trash, or damaged by rain or wind during the week it was up. I created a space themed banner. The teacher can re-use this as part of her décor through the year.
The solar system is accurate down to the number of moons around our planets and can also be used as a teaching reference – minus the aliens and space ship, of course. 🙂 The little rockets to the sides each have a child’s picture on it and can be sent home with the child when the week is over or it is no longer needed. This created minimal trash, is long lasting, and easy to assemble. This is how I like to decorate a door.

Teacher Appreciation Door