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Need help sleeping? Count Sheep

This was a fun little custom piece for a friend. Sent to print on canvas 12″x36″.

Do you have something you’d like to have printed?

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Fun idea with real estate signs

I was lucky to be part of a recent community project which allowed me to use real estate signs holders in a different way. This was our avenue to spread ‘feel good’ messages.

When the plants fill these spaces, it should look pretty great. Fun right?

IMG_1194 IMG_1196

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Decoding dyslexia

Thank you to the team at decoding dyslexia for sending us a picture of the table runner we printed for you.

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Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah to all our friends who celebrate.

This double-sided lawn sign is a great addition to your outdoor wedding space. H-stakes are included with your order.
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Casino Night Idea

We made some fun oversized playing cards to help sponsors get recognized at St Cyril’s casino night.

casino night
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Halloween Banners

Thank-you St Cyril’s Encino for sending pics of your Halloween banners in action!

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PBIS signage

Just produced this Positive behavior and Intervention Support (‪#‎pbis‬ ) campaign at my daughter’s school. – on aluminum dibond

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Drop off zone / Slow Down signage

This is a drop off zone /slow down campaign we just put up. Keep your kids safe by making drivers aware that they need to slow down.

aes slowdown

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BORED …. so bored!

Have they said it yet? You know, it’s that one sentence, when spoken at 9:30am, that will make you mad. The kind of mad that changes your tone of voice, cues the crazy eyes and the lengthy speech that begins with “You’re BORED! When I was a kid, I …”

I get it… I completely understand.

I am ending week one of our summer vacation and they said it. Yes, they said it and they did in unison, in perfect harmony, as if they had been practicing it for weeks!  I knew it was coming, and this year I came prepared. At the first sound of those sweet winey words, I sat my kids down and gave them each a print out. It’s my BORED buster and you can print a copy for your self here.

There is a copy of it on my fridge and if for some reason those dreaded words are spoken, I just point to it. We’ll see how it all pans out in the next month but for right now, it’s working well.


Click below to download a high resolution image

BOREDpinkweb BOREDweb

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