Let’s talk about quality

My goal is to create fun and vibrant messages for your classroom, campus, home and/or business. I spend my time researching ideas, talking to educators, parents leaders and business owners to really understand your needs. Apart from the obvious visual appeal that is needed on any signage, the most common complaint I hear about other printed products out on the market is a lack of quality.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality merchandise and actively shop around to see how we compare to those ‘other’ printers. I chose one of our popular designs for the classroom and decided to send it out to a printer who prints to the trade and provides professionals in the graphics field prints for resale. I ordered the same quality banner and provided him the same file we print from.

Take a look below for yourself at how it turned out. The left print is ours. The colors are bright and crisp. Our hems are sewn and our vinyl is smoother in appearance. The banner to the right is the comparison test. It was printed from the same file on the same quality vinyl (or at least that is what we ordered). Look at the yellow. Is that a yellow? The print looks slightly blurry and it looks like there are streaks on the vinyl. I would not even consider giving this print away. I’ve decided to keep it as an example of a bad print.

At the end of the day, you can get on your computer and design something fantastic or get a friend to do it for you but if the quality is not there in the final product it just turns out to be really disappointing.  Next time you have a great design idea or just want something great for your space, let us know. If we don’t have it in our collection, we’ll design it for you — if we can add it to our collection we will waive the design fees — and give you a quality piece to show off in your space. We are here to help!