BORED …. so bored!

Have they said it yet? You know, it’s that one sentence, when spoken at 9:30am, that will make you mad. The kind of mad that changes your tone of voice, cues the crazy eyes and the lengthy speech that begins with “You’re BORED! When I was a kid, I …”

I get it… I completely understand.

I am ending week one of our summer vacation and they said it. Yes, they said it and they did in unison, in perfect harmony, as if they had been practicing it for weeks!  I knew it was coming, and this year I came prepared. At the first sound of those sweet winey words, I sat my kids down and gave them each a print out. It’s my BORED buster and you can print a copy for your self here.

There is a copy of it on my fridge and if for some reason those dreaded words are spoken, I just point to it. We’ll see how it all pans out in the next month but for right now, it’s working well.


Click below to download a high resolution image

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