August is Back to school month


It’s that time of the year again. The time of the year, we all scramble to get ourselves ready for the impending return to school.   As a parent, this is one of the most stressful times of the year for my family.  My first impression always begins with the drop off experience. Between the speeding cars, the children crossing unsafely, the parents double parking and the ultimate ‘dark side’ of mankind that emerges when over or under caffeinated parents block one another on the street; I find myself frightened to return to school.

The first thing many of us see once we have conquered the daunting task of getting onto the school grounds are the dreary colored school walls. We watch the loosely supervised children attempting to prove themselves the victors in their playground rendition of the Lord of the Flies. Then as we wait for the bell, we hope that our children will adjust well to their new teacher, classmates and grade level. On the flip side, our teachers and administrators have had little time to get ready for the return to school. With the budget cuts and a struggling economy it is not easy to stay positive all the time. This is especially not easy when they face the challenge of teaching children with many different life experiences and cultural backgrounds.

I’d like to say that all these things are easily solved but that would be a lie. I am however a firm believer that appearances speak volumes. That is why so many retail outlets dedicate so much space to make-up. That is why we don’t see lawyer’s, police officers, and doctors at work in their pajamas.  It’s about making an effort to project what we want people to believe.

The same holds true for your school. What kind of message does your campus send? If you want to make parents and students feel like  you are welcoming them then you need to make your school look welcoming. If you want them to see that you take bullying seriously then you need to show them that you do. Since the parents are not in your classrooms, much of what we know is based on what we see.  When we see a welcome sign; we feel welcomed. When we see anti-bullying signs, we believe you are part of the solution. When we see character education signage, we believe you teach kids positive character traits.

We have just released an extensive line of “Welcome back to school” banners, along with a great selection of “Slow down” school zone style banners. These will be fantastic additions to any campus. Clingdom is here to help you with these needs. Let us create a vibrant visual campaign for your campus with our educational