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Carnival Signs on PVC for St Cyril’s Encino

I produced a few signs for the carnival at St Cyril’s in Encino and went out to support their event tonight. If your looking for a fun family activity tomorrow, it’ll still be going on. Go check it out, have a bite to eat and a drink too…. Guaranteed community fun.

StCyril Carnival

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Teacher Appreciation Week Door

Teacher Appreciation Week is around the corner and this is what I put together from my son’s 5th grade class. Their week started a little early since the grade it going away on a sleep away trip during our traditional teacher’s appreciation week.
This year I decided I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of time creating something that would end up in the trash, or damaged by rain or wind during the week it was up. I created a space themed banner. The teacher can re-use this as part of her décor through the year.
The solar system is accurate down to the number of moons around our planets and can also be used as a teaching reference – minus the aliens and space ship, of course. 🙂 The little rockets to the sides each have a child’s picture on it and can be sent home with the child when the week is over or it is no longer needed. This created minimal trash, is long lasting, and easy to assemble. This is how I like to decorate a door.

Teacher Appreciation Door

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Color and inspiration project continued…

A few more pics from the recent project we completed at a local school. The walkways adjacent to the cafeteria and classrooms were chain link and boring.

The principal had a vision to brighten up these areas with color and positive messages. She had printed and laminated a number of fun inspirational messages and affixed them to the gates but these faded quickly and fell apart due to the elements.

After taking a walk of the space together,we came up with a banner solution. We incorporated bright, fun colors and positive messages and replaced the faded artwork. This is not only a great visual addition to an otherwise gray space but also a great learning tool and motivator for kids.

Clingdom's photo.
Clingdom's photo.   Clingdom's photo.
Clingdom's photo.
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PBS- PBIS – Positive Behavior Support

Does your school have a Positive Behavior Support plan in place? Cohasset Elementary is a great example of a local school using our banners to reinforce their school expectations on safety, responsibility and respectfulness to their students. We have a number of ready to go messages but these banners shown were customized to align to their existing plan.

See more of our character education products here:…

'If you tell the students what the expectations are you are more likely to have them follow the rules. 
Custom PBS campaign for an upper elementary playground.'
'Custom Aluminum PBS signs for the student restrooms'
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Door decorating idea – Teacher appreciation week

I have decorated many school doors whether it be for red ribbon week or teacher appreciation day. In fact, I have 2 kids and last year I decorated 5 doors. Why did I decorate 5 doors? Well, as many of you know, not all volunteers are created equal. As the chair of the committee, I did not want anyone left out so I made sure everyone was recognized and that meant helping out with the extra doors. The best part – or worst part – of the story is that it rained the very next day and my hard work got a little soggy and runny. It survived the week but sadly found its ‘forever home’ in the trash shortly after the week’s end.

Like most of you, I decorated the old-fashioned way, with butcher paper and dollar store supplies. There are so many cute things you can buy at the 99-cent-only stores and Dollar Tree but most of these solutions are not weather proof. I have never spent less than $10.00 on a door and sadly it has always found its eventual way into the trash. If you count my worth per hour by the time spent thinking about, creating and executing this door masterpiece, you’ll find it’s far more expensive than the $10.00 in supplies.

This year I have decided to take a different approach. I’m tired of wasting my time on immediately disposable items so I am attacking the task from a brand new perspective.

Take a look at the two banners shown. These will be the ones that I will use. They are 24″w x 54″ tall and will fit nicely on the door and will transition nicely inside if the teacher want to use it at the beginning of the school year. To add a little crafty touch every child will write their name or a little message to the teacher and I will hang these on the banners with clothing pins.

If you want one of these for your teacher let me know through our contact page and we will make one just for you. Photos will follow once they are up!






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The “Sshhhh!” project

We are doing a really fun project at a local school …… So, you’d like students to be a little quieter while in the breezeway and also keep the request fun and colorful for kids? This is what we thought could help a Cohasset elementary. It’s such a fun splash of color and it what is even better is that it makes the kids smile at the same time. I love these types of projects.

cohassett clingdom

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Let’s talk about quality

My goal is to create fun and vibrant messages for your classroom, campus, home and/or business. I spend my time researching ideas, talking to educators, parents leaders and business owners to really understand your needs. Apart from the obvious visual appeal that is needed on any signage, the most common complaint I hear about other printed products out on the market is a lack of quality.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality merchandise and actively shop around to see how we compare to those ‘other’ printers. I chose one of our popular designs for the classroom and decided to send it out to a printer who prints to the trade and provides professionals in the graphics field prints for resale. I ordered the same quality banner and provided him the same file we print from.

Take a look below for yourself at how it turned out. The left print is ours. The colors are bright and crisp. Our hems are sewn and our vinyl is smoother in appearance. The banner to the right is the comparison test. It was printed from the same file on the same quality vinyl (or at least that is what we ordered). Look at the yellow. Is that a yellow? The print looks slightly blurry and it looks like there are streaks on the vinyl. I would not even consider giving this print away. I’ve decided to keep it as an example of a bad print.

At the end of the day, you can get on your computer and design something fantastic or get a friend to do it for you but if the quality is not there in the final product it just turns out to be really disappointing.  Next time you have a great design idea or just want something great for your space, let us know. If we don’t have it in our collection, we’ll design it for you — if we can add it to our collection we will waive the design fees — and give you a quality piece to show off in your space. We are here to help!

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Drove by something of our just hanging around….

Since most of our banners seem to ship out of state, I rarely get a chance to see ours designs around the neighborhood. This morning I had coffee across the street from where one of my banners was just hanging around …..  🙂 This was a custom piece for them. They came with an idea and we worked together to create the final design. For those of you looking for a school this a really nice place with great people.

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